Adventure Range

How To Use

1. Our play units are a combination of individual components that have been selected and arranged in an order to satisfy your requirements

2. To start, view the individual components of this range and examples given below. The examples are a guidline to assist you with ideas.

3. Select the suitable model and if needed, change by adding or taking away components. Alternatively select the individual components to make up the unit you require.

4. CLICK HERE to view more components that can be added.

Additional Components

Individual Components

A1     Deck at 1.2m high
A2     Deck at 1.5m high
B        Hand over Hand
C        Double swings with tyre seats and chain
D        Single swings with tyre seats and chain
E         Pitch roof

F1      Ramp and Rope for 1.2m high deck
F2      Ramp and Rope for 1.5m high deck
G       Verticle tyre climb for 1.5 high deck
H       Verticle tyre climb for 1.2 high deck
I        Fireman’s pole
J       Cargo net

K      Buoy ball with rope
L      Trapeze ring with rope
M     Trapeze bar with rope
N      Knotted rope
O1     Slide 2.4m for 1.2m high deck
O2     Slide 2.8m for 1.5m high deck


Adventure A

Area : 3.1m x 1.1m

Deck height 1.2m

Adventure B

Area : 3.1m x 3.8m

Deck height 1.2m

Adventure C

Area : 2.2m x 3m

Deck height 1.2m

Adventure D

Area : 5.2m x 3.1m

Deck height 1.2m

Adventure E

Area : 2.3m x 3.7m

Deck height 1.2m

Adventure F

Area : 3m x 5m

Deck height 1.2m

Adventure G

Area : 1.8m x 3.1m

Deck height 1.5m

Adventure H

Area : 2.3m x 3.1m

Deck height 1.2m

Adventure I

Area : 2.3m x 3.8m

Deck height 1.5m

Adventure J

Area : 3.2m x 3m

Deck height 1.2m

Adventure K

Area : 3.2m x 3.5m

Deck height 1.2m

Adventure L

Area : 3m x 1.8m

Deck height 1.5m

Adventure M

Area : 2.3m x 1.8m

Deck height 1.2m